How Drupal Can Help Your Business

What's Drupal? Drupal is a free open source content management system used by millions of websites. The beauty of Drupal is that there is virtually nothing that it can't do. With thousands of modules available, the functionality is unlimited. Fortune 500 companies have discovered the versatility of Drupal and prefer to use it as a platform. Because Drupal is open source, your site isn't locked into paying for proprietary licensing.

Who uses Drupal? More than 2% of all sites on the web are built on Drupal. From governments to universities to local businesses, all have found the ease of use and unparalleled functionality to be second to none. With regular security updates and easy version migration, Drupal sets the standard for sophisticated content management.

Matthew Mack Web Design uses Drupal as the primary platform for a reason. After implementation, the end site administrator(s) can easily maintain, edit and create content. The easy to use interface provides an intuitive portal to keep your site clean and up to date.

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