Mobile Web Optimization with Responsive Themes

There are almost a billion (with a B) smartphones and tablets in the world. (over 200 million iOS devices and 600 million Android devices have been sold, plus Windows Phone, Windows surface, Symbian, Meego, Blackberry, and other mobile devices.)

This is the modern web.

The original way that developers created mobile sites by creating a feature phone site, an iPhone site, and then a blackberry site, has proven unworkable as there are now over a thousand known mobile web browsers in use.

The solution is responsive themes. While the concept of responsive themes is a few years old the lack of tools to quickly build responsive themes has put this solution out of reach of most websites. With the release of Zurb's foundation framework, and Twitter's bootstrap framework building a custom responsive site from scratch (like this one) is a matter of days instead of months.

Our responsive base framework uses a "one theme" approach as opposed to using device detection - the old school method to serve various devices a mobile theme.

How do we do this?
We simply use media queries. The line below should reflect what size screen you are using.You are on a very large screen.You are on a large screen.You are on a medium screen.You are on a small screen, like a smartphone. If you drag the screen to make it narrower, you will notice the text will change.
We have our own extensions to Zurb's foundation that make developing responsive drupal sites an enjoyable creative process.

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