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Tech Lead/Migration Strategist

The short description of my role at Matthew Mack Web Design is, I am the person that has Linux on my workstation, and have for the last decade.

I am mathematician by training. I was introduced to Drupal in 2004 with a copy of deanspace A modified version of drupal that was geared towards political campaigns.

I handle the tomcat/jetty integration and apply my knowledge of joomla, wordpress, movable type, and homegrown content management systems to develop smooth transition plans.

My favorite language is python, my first language that I wrote any real programs in was pascal, and I spend most of my time with php and java.

One of my hobbies for the last decade has been San Francisco politics, which has given me an appreciation of the Oscar Wilde quote "In matters of great importance, style, not substance, is the vital thing." Using a great cms like drupal with all the information people want is meaningless if the site does not appeal to people. If you have artwork and a budget and need a site up ASAP, we may be able to help.